Sema uses a unique blend of modern medicine and ancient Ayurvedic knowledge. One of the things that set her apart is that she takes the time to truly listen to her patients, understand their individual needs and concerns, and customize treatment plans accordingly. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a more holistic approach to health. I have found this approach to be not only effective but also empowering, as it helps me better understand my body and how to care for it.

Since I started seeing her, I have noticed significant improvements in my overall health and well-being. Her knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine is impressive and she can incorporate it seamlessly into her practice, which has been a game-changer for me.

Michele Di Stefano

IT Engineer, from Italy

Thank you for explaining meditation in a clear, pure, and very naive way, with your familiar, secure, and reliable limits of scientific language. In my inner journey that has been ongoing since I can remember, trying different and/or ancient knowledge and methods in the early 40s of my life was a valuable, reassuring, supportive, encouraging, and disciplined introduction and meeting. May the path you walk on always be bright and enlightening as it is today. Love.

Simge Şaşmaz Başbuğ

Medical Doctor, from Turkey

I attended Dr. Sema Berktaş’s course to get real information about meditation, a mind training method proven in thousands of scientific studies to have an effect on various physical illnesses, including cardiovascular diseases and hypertension, as well as depression and anxiety. Listening to it from a physician who has scientific identity and has experienced, taught, and even tried to deepen it by going into seclusion for years was definitely proof that I was in the right place. I couldn’t attend the courses physically because I live in San Francisco, but I followed them through video recordings. And this gave me the chance to listen to the courses several times over a month. Practical applications I received along with theoretical knowledge in the courses were very helpful. Interrupting processes that constantly occupy and exhaust our brains, such as past, future, and what is happening now. A great opportunity to take a break and get to know ourselves and rest our minds. In this life journey where I progress towards finding myself and reaching the truth, I am grateful to dear Dr. Sema Berktaş for analyzing meditation in every sense with her scientific identity and teaching us. I wish her to reach many more and share her valuable experiences!

Rahşan Keskin

Medical Doctor, from Turkey

I went to see Sema 1 year ago for treating muscle cramps and some rashes on my skin. Immediately I was amazed by the level of professionalism and tidiness of the space. 

The meeting was so well run, and I felt so safe and comfortable, which is very important for me. 

At the end of the meeting, I received an organized paper with all the various herbs, supplements, medicines, yoga and breathing techniques, and all that can promote my health to heal the current imbalance in my body.

Now, I only recommend with a full heart that everyone go to see Sema and receive her loving and professional ayurvedic healing sessions.

Jivan Sahasa

Ayurveda practicioner, from Israel

I would like to highly recommend Dr. Sema Berktas and her working methods.   Aside from my obvious health and nutrition improvements, there are 3 main reasons why I recommend her: Her alternative and flexible methods of treatment, her attention to detail, and her calm, patient, friendly but professional persona. I’ll say it again –  highly recommended!  

Amir Peleg

Product Manager, from Israel

Dear Sema,

Thank you for explaining meditation in a clear, pure, and very naive way, with your familiar, secure, and reliable limits of scientific language. In my inner journey that has been ongoing since I can remember, trying different and/or ancient knowledge and methods in the early 40s of my life was a valuable, reassuring, supportive, encouraging, and disciplined introduction and meeting. May the path you walk on always be bright and enlightening as it is today. Love.

Burcu Sağlam Ada

Medical Doctor, from Turkey

Dr. Sema is open-minded and well-versed in western medicine as well as Ayurveda. She has intelligence, intuition, and genuine concern for her clients. I’ve seen Dr. Sema on two different occasions and both times I loved her approach to my symptoms from a holistic approach, giving equal importance to both perspectives. Her supervision will change your life for the better, giving you an understanding of better health and how to practice different treatments the right way.
I’m someone who is a firm believer in natural remedies, but despite that, I felt confident taking western medicine when necessary since she carefully explained to me their benefits and answered all my questions with kindness.
I’m so happy I found Dr. Sema and you can be sure that she’ll have your best interest at heart too!

Asli Leone

Career Coach, from USA

Who is Dr. Sema Berktaş for me? My encounter with Sema happened in 2019 when I noticed her in Dr. Kızçeler’s Facebook group and quietly started following her on Instagram. This silence was broken when the group’s founder, Figen, and Nevin jointly asked for help from Sema on my behalf, and she responded to my cry for help. Thus, my dance with Sema began. I literally swim in the waves of her sweet and silky voice whenever I hear it, and I feel healed while swimming. I’ve tried to learn meditation before, tried to make it an indispensable part of my life. But either I didn’t make enough effort, or those who helped me were not insistent and helpful in this regard. Thanks to Sema, I deeply learned about the physical and psychological positive effects of meditation, its techniques, and how to make it a practical part of my life. She is a very determined counselor who never leaves the trail of a counselor. Of course, I have no intention of leaving her trail either. Every Monday/Wednesday/Friday, I meditate under her guidance, and on other days, I meditate under the guidance of my heart. Meditation is about to become an indispensable part of my life. All because of you. I strongly recommend meeting her. Always be here, Sema Berktaş ❤❤❤

Hatice Bozkaya Ustaer

Lawyer, from Turkey

The Ayurvedic cleanse with Sema was so worthwhile. I love the Ayurvedic approach to cleansing in that it is deeply nourishing rather than stripping the body of any nutrients or nourishment. Being rooted in thousands of years of knowledge I wholeheartedly trust the process which supports the body/mind/heart/soul on every level. During the cleanse and coming out of it, I felt clear, energized and able to more easily meet all the demands that were coming my way. It’s given me a solid foundation of health that I know will ripple for many months to come. Sema’s knowledge, generous attention, and care prior to, throughout and following the cleanse were deeply appreciated.

Simone MacKay

Director & Founder of Somah Journeys & School of Sacred Arts, from England

Sema’s incredible combination of western medical knowledge, Ayurveda knowledge, and her sweet nurturing motherly nature made for a great session. I came out with a clear insight into the cause of the issue and her prescription of herbs, asanas, pranayamas, and dietary recommendations has already (a few days later) started to have positive effects. I am very optimistic and grateful.

Nishan Dissanayake,

Meditation Teacher, from Sri Lanka

Dr. Sema has been seeing my children and me for almost 2 years already. I can say she’s been one of the best doctors we’ve ever had. She combines her practical knowledge, as both a pediatrician and gastroenterology doctor, with her Ayurveda nutritional knowledge to give a whole treatment for a variety of issues. 

In addition to that, she’s kind, patient, as well as, an empathic human. 

I’m sure that the Ayurvedic course will be a comprehensive, professional, and very interesting one. I am looking forward to taking it!

Ayelet Grossinger-Rotem

Organizational psychologist, from Israel

Where should I start? Sema is an extremely knowledgeable medical doctor with vast experience who makes full use of modern science while acknowledging that it has its limits and that “taking a pill” is not always the best course of action to tackle all of the diseases and ailments of our contemporary lifestyles. So, with a curious and open mind, she has also explored, researched, and studied alternative ways of healing – particularly, the impact of nutrition on people – and the comprehensive system of traditional Ayurvedic medicine. With all of these combined, along with a few other healing modalities, she can provide a holistic approach to treat a wide range of problems, from a simple common cold to weight control, skin problems, or more acute or chronic issues. On top of her uncanny clinical “6th sense”, Sema is also very empathetic and cares for all of her patient’s and clients’ well-being. She’s also very friendly and has a great bedside manner.  You’ll like her. Your children will like her. Your granny will like her! I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone with any medical issue or simply wishing to improve their health.

Jean M.

Mechanical Engineer, from Canada

I have been seeing Dr. Berktas for several years now.  Her vast knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine, treatments, and natural therapies are outstanding.  She helped me heal my body and improve my overall health.  I highly recommend her services.

Tal Fiala

CEO, from Israil