In the face of life’s challenges, from weight gain and fatigue to skin issues and cravings, this holistic approach addresses the root causes, promising a revitalizing experience for both men and women. Rooted in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, our 14-day program goes beyond traditional detox methods, fostering a profound connection between modern medical science and holistic well-being.

Addressing The Challenges: 

The concerns encompassing weight gain, fatigue, skin problems, water retention, headaches, cravings, allergies, frequent sickness, and poor digestion have the potential to diminish both energy and vitality. These issues often stem from multifaceted causes, some of which may be deeply rooted. Therefore, finding a natural solution becomes crucial.

The Ayurvedic Solution: 

Discover the profound benefits of Ayurveda renowned for its effectiveness in revitalizing vitality. Reclaiming your vitality and clarity not only contributes to your overall health but also enhances your zest for life.

Who Can Benefit: 

Our 14-day Ayurvedic detox program caters to a wide range of concerns, including weight gain, fatigue, skin problems, water retention, headaches, cravings, allergies, frequent sickness, and poor digestion.

Safety and Natural Ingredients: 

Rest assured, our program is entirely safe and formulated with all-natural ingredients. Unlike chemical treatments that may produce harmful side effects, our approach involves a harmonious blend of herbs, vitamins, and nutrients to boost digestive power and foster overall well-being. This program garners popularity not only among the youth but also among those in later stages of life dealing with issues like stress, fatigue, and vitality concerns. Our herbal remedies are gentle on your body, ensuring no unwanted side effects. 

Experience a heightened energy level, a sense of empowerment, and overall satisfaction – the holistic Ayurvedic way.

This program encompasses three distinct steps:

Step 1

Prepare your body for toxin elimination by stabilizing blood sugar levels, restoring the intestinal mucosal barrier, flushing the lymphatic system, and decongesting the liver. This step sets the foundation for a successful detox.

Step 2

Consume a simplified diet of non-fat kitchari—a nourishing rice and bean dish—aiding digestion reboot. Perform oleation with morning ghee intake and optional self-inquiry exercises for emotional release. Conclude with a gentle laxative to reset fat metabolism, flush the liver, and release stored emotions and behaviors.

Step 3

  • Focus on resetting upper digestive strength, addressing a common cause of digestive issues.
  • Follow-Up

Engage in yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, and aerobic exercises throughout the two weeks to enhance the outcomes, all while adhering to a special diet and incorporating Ayurvedic herbal formulas.

Program Inclusions

  • Initial Consultation: Personalized one-hour session to customize your detox package.
  • Package Delivery: Receive your detox package with detailed instructions in the second meeting (approximately one hour).
  • Follow-up Consultation: After completing the detox, a one-hour session assesses the program’s impact and plans your next steps.
  • Oleation
  • 3 Detox meals per day based on Kitchari
  • Final flush
  • Six different Ayurvedic Herbal Formulas including more than 40 herbs (one-month supply)
  • 2 Herbal teas per day
  • Specific hydration protocols

We look forward to delving deeper into the details of this detox program during your consultation.

Feel free to bring any questions or concerns to the table.

For detailed information on personalized plans and pricing, feel free to reach out.